About the Neighborhood

    Residence Park is a quaint neighborhood located in the
    south end of New Rochelle.  Its boundaries are up to,
    but not including, Main Street to the north, Pelham
    Road to the south, Centre Avenue to the East and
    Drake Avenue to the west.  It was established in 1885
    but the first significant notes of the neighborhood date
    to the founding of New Rochelle in early colonial times.  
    Significant historical structures include the country
    home of Lewis Pintard, an American patriot of
    Huguenot descent that is now registered as a National
    Historic Landmark; the First Presbyterian Church c.
    1920s on Pintard Ave; Lou Gehrig's home on Meadow
    Lane; the College of New Rochelle, established 1904,
    including the Leland Castle, which is also registered as a
    National Historic Landmark; and a stone colonial
    cottage c. 1774 on Leland and Hanford Avenues.

    Today Residence Park consists of 60% single family
    homes, 25% two-family homes and 15% other mixed
    uses.  It is centered around "islands," landscaped
    garden areas today, that were actually bodies of water
    until the late 1870s.  It is served by City Council
    members for districts 1, 2 and 4, with both the
    Jefferson and Trinity school districts.
    (Adapted with permission from Gerry Ragone)
    About the Residence Park
    Neighborhood and Civic Association

    In recognition of the belief that neighbors joined
    together in an organized manner can more effectively
    have a voice in the community, the residents and
    neighbors of the area of New Rochelle, New York,
    referred to as Residence Park, have formed an
    organization of neighbors.  The purposes of this
    organization include, but are not limited to:
  • Maintaining the residential nature and character
    of Residence Park
  • Having a voice in the development and
    improvement of the City of New Rochelle, with
    particular reference to Residence Park and
    adjacent areas
  • Acting as a cohesive force for the welfare and
    benefit of Residence Park and the City of New

    The Association is very active in community service
    including neighborhood beautification, Back to School
    project providing school supplies to underprivileged
    children, awarding a college scholarship, and hosting
    community events.  The Association is non-political, non-
    sectarian, and non-profit.  Membership is open to all
    homeowners in Residence Park.  Annual dues are $20 per
    family, $15 for seniors.
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