Residence Park
Neighborhood and Civic
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Last Modified: 1/12/15

Highlights of what your dues enabled us to do:
  • Address key concerns from the neighbors
    by working with our three City Councilmen  
    including:  minimizing businesses operating
    against City ordinances in our residential
    area; improving safety by getting traffic
    lights, hydrants, pot holes and curbs fixed
    by the City
  • Hold the annual Breakfast with Santa
  • Host neighborhood socials with the
    community and nearby businesses
  • Award college scholarships to four amazing
    students from Residence Park
  • Clean the streets and plant on the islands
    as part of the annual Earth Day
    Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Contract with a local gardener to beautify
    the main island
Residence Park, New Rochelle, New York
The Residence Park Neighborhood Association
conducts civic, social and community service
on behalf of our neighborhood's residents.  

Join us and support YOUR neighborhood!

Our next activity:  
Neighborhood Social on
1 at Posto 22.  
All adults welcome
$45 / person includes dinner, beer, wine and
sangria.  Pay at Paypal



Everyone enjoyed great food, created cute crafts
including gifts for Meals-on-Wheels and had a visit
with Santa to share their wish
list.  My wish - a joyous and
peaceful holiday for all.  

Click the boots for the photos.
2015 Dues
$25 / family, $20 / seniors
Please pay now:
Family            Senior