2023 Membership

Members support the association through annual dues.

Spring General Meeting

April 17th

Details to be announced

Earth Day Spring Cleanup

April 22nd

10:00 – 2:00

What we do

The Residence Park Neighborhood and Civic Association of New Rochelle was formed in recognition of the belief that neighbors joined together in an organized manner can more effectively have a voice in the community.

The Association works to maintain the residential nature and character of Residence Park and the surrounding area, to give our neighborhood a voice in the development and improvement of New Rochelle, and to act as a cohesive force for the welfare and benefit of our neighborhood and our city.

Engage With Our Elected Officials

Did you know that Residence Park is represented by three member of the New Rochelle City Council?

Make Connections in Our CoMmunity

In these unprecedented times, community is more important than ever. That’s why the RPNA continues to work toward multiple social events to connect our neighbors to one another.

Maintain our Beautiful Neighborhood

Throughout the years, the RPNA has undertaken many beautification projects throughout our streets including our RPNA Annual Earth Day Cleanup.

We moved into Residence Park about 4 years ago. I found the RPNA Board to be made up of smart, thoughtful, and fun people, is serious about serving our neighborhood, and is widely respected by citizens and government officials alike. Participation in RPNA has been a great way to know what’s going on, to get to know neighbors, and to make new friends. I hope you’ll join us!

Dr. John Delfs

Board Member

The Residence Park Neighborhood Association is not only a great way for us to meet our neighbors, it’s a fantastic way to make positive change in our community.

Jason Martin

Board Member

Be part of bettering your community

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